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Schools here stop after Sant Joan ( June 23th) but many parents continue working until the end of July.  So it is common for children to go to summer schools or summer camps this month. I think I mentioned before in another post that at the back of our house is a building that used to be a textile factory run by the parents and grandparents of my partner. Just as in the UK old churches often change into pubs (something he found very strange when we visited Scotland) here many old factories turn into Art Centres.

Here in Granollers there is La Troca, in the old Roca Umbert factory which was built in 1904 and is now a large Arts Centre with cafe and library and spaces for performance and rehearsal and courses.

And here at home, what used to be a small family run textile business has now transformed into Llançadora Association of Artists.  The name Llançadora comes from the word for the shuttle which was used in the  textile industry.
There are three areas – upstairs a beautiful light room with a wooden floor for dance classes, circus and theatre workshops, movement, singing and exercise


There are trapezes

and silky ropes of material called Teles for climbing and performing incredible aerial feats

And lots of interesting things like spinning plates and clubs to juggle with.

Downstairs is a work in progress.  There is a small stage for performances and a space with tables and chairs for parties and meetings and musical jam sessions. Alongside this is a separate area for art workshops – for painting and sculpting and making masks and theatrical props. There are lots of materials available – some which were originally produced or used in the factory. Some of the old machinery is still here.

It is an interesting place full of history and memories and dreams.

And there is a Summer School

For three weeks in July, children from 4 – 10 years old come to Llançadora to enjoy a summer school of artistic activites. I have been helping – a new experience in every way as I have never worked in theatre or circus, I can’t juggle, I don’t speak Catalan beyond the very basic and I have had almost zero practice in working with children. But it has been great fun and the children are lovely and full of ideas and energy.

How I would have loved this when I was young!

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3 thoughts on “Summer school

  1. What a wonderful use for an old factory. Where I used to live (Virginia, USA) old schools were turned into art centers. There was performance space, but mostly artist studios. A circus would have been been great inspiration to all of the painters and sculptors!

  2. It looks beautiful and such a lot of fun. Young childern are sometimes easier to work with than adults and they often have such wonderful and surprising ideas. You DO have experience with quite a number of the activities – dance, sculpture – enjoy the rest!

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