Two new phrases learned today – not sure how they are connected, if at all but they caught my fancy.

Mala Llet          Literally means bad milk. Someone  who has mala llet is an unpleasant character.            Shouting. Angry. Mean.       Tenir mala llet is permanent. Estar de mala llet is a passing bad humour.

Torracollons      Someone – it can be a man or a woman – who nags and complains and won’t get off your back about something.

And that reminds me of the one that Oreneta told me.

Tancat com una tomba   Shut like a tomb. Useful for describing adolescents in the grunting phase.

Bona Nit!

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One thought on “Vocabulary

  1. It is a rich and descriptive language isn’t it…interestingly, for me, many of the Catalans I know switch into Spanish when they REALLY want to cuss someone out. History?

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