I drew this today when sitting having a coffee in the Porxada. 
 Then came home to find an email from a friend saying  
“Its quite amazing how you are coping with all the uncertainties in your life – being a Taurus who likes to have a firm footing”

And now that reminds me of the silly word game I used to play with my father – incredibull, unbelieveabull, laughabull,  intolerabull, admirabull…..I’d forgotten that!

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5 thoughts on “Adaptabull!

  1. What a wonderful play on words and esoterism! (My spell checker says that’s not even a word). Ah, yes, some of my best and oldest friends are Taurean. (OK, my spell checker said that wasn’t a word either). My apologies for missing last Virtual Vermut. And I still intend to respond to your doggy questions. It’s just that life has been nuts here so if I don’t tell you my story about my old girl and her meds (natural and vet prescribed) in the next week, please do prod me again because I want to share this but it keeps moving lower down on my list.

    Transition, flux, it’s all a normal part of life but you are living it exponentially. So remember to be kind to yourself and cut yourself a lot of slack. It’s all good, in the end!

  2. My father was Taurus – not that we played that word-game. But further terms immediately come to my mind – terra-(firma) bull, sensa-bull, flexa-bull, reason- a -bull, fix-a-bull.

    Pearl x

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