In Transition

Settling down here again.
Yesterday we went on the bikes to see the Fira de L’Ascenció in the Parc Firal. I hadn’t thought of having a celebration of Jesus’ ascension to heaven but it is a big festival here. One of the important aspects of the ascension is that Jesus levitated to heaven in his mortal body – he didn’t change first into something more spiritual. When you think of this it must have been an incredible and miraculous sight!
The Fira de L’Ascenció was much more down to earth.
We were greeted with stetson wearing line dancers and Irish music – Whisky in the Jar. There were hundreds of people selling things from cars to wooden sheds to sausages

  And more sausages

 As usual I found the idea of the Fira much more agreeable than the crowded noisy reality with some poor farm animals being gawped at and tickled by hordes of children.
There was a lovely stall selling honey from the Pyranees but we’d had enough of the commercial side of L’Ascenció by then

 So we went back into Granollers centre and watched the dismanting of giants in the Porxada

Nestled behind the displays were rows of tidy tents housing the Granollers acampada.
Calling for something different – for change!

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3 thoughts on “In Transition

  1. Celebrating levitation sounds interesting. What might these celebrants think about the Christian Fundamentalists who believe they too will ascend bodily at the Rapture? The Rapture was supposed to happen last month, and an atheist group made a lot of $$ selling their services to look after the true believers’ animals after they’d levitated (animals don’t go to heaven, apparently). Anyway, the Leader said his calculations were wrong, and the Rapture will now be in October….

    Pearl x

  2. I used to try to levitate when I was young – about 12, 13 or so. I believed it was possible and it was so frustrating when the body didn’t respond to the desire! I still believe in it – but accept it’s harder than you think.
    I think animals are the first in heaven – and of course – if there are no animals in heaven then I certainly don’t want to go there. kx

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