Making Choices

Current dilemma *1
Take all three dogs to Chapel Carn Brea and have to curtail the walk because Blue quickly gets tired and wobbly  OR do a short one down the lane then leave her looking confused and hurt in the kitchen while the other two bounce around in excitement about a new excursion?

Current dilemma *2
I want somewhere here to stay when I come back on visits and the main house is rented out. So, do we do up the workshop and add drainage?  Or improve the stable block and add electricity?  Or get a run down caravan and plonk it down in the field where there are wonderful views over to the hills?

Current dilemma *3
Do I keep this table/chair/bed/picture/cup/skirt/teddy bear/CD etc etc OR get rid of it?

(All good and happy dilemmas though and the dogs are still getting on well except for occasional normal but noisy scuffles)

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3 thoughts on “Making Choices

  1. Choices…
    1. Take all 3 dogs on all walks. Doesn’t matter that the walk is curtailed – better then a sad older dog left behind on a 2nd excursion.
    2. Depends on how much you like comfort. If you do up the workshop and add drainage you could rent that on short-term summer lets (one week at a time) when you weren’t there. That would help pay for the drainage. Of course, you could also rent out a run-down caravan in this way too (is there somewhere to empty the potty?)
    3. When in doubt, chuck it out – actually, take it to Oxfam or give it to a friend.

    Pearl xx

  2. I agree that all three dogs should go, especially now to reinforce their pack-hood. Awrooooo! The living situation for your return visits is a personal one – what kind of creature comforts are you willing to be skint on? Me, I like a bit of running water and a definite roof. And for the last item, toss everything you haven’t used or thought about in 18 months except for things of great sentimental value. It is good to purge and clean out. Think about your lifestyle in Granollers and what would be of service or comfort there, the rest is expendable. See how easy it is when it’s not “my” stuff?! As for “my” flood, we got caught with Hurricane Irene and turned the cold room in our basement into a mud puddle. Interestingly enough this was the room where things had been tossed for the last 7 years that no one wanted to look at or deal with. Now it is all and I mean ALL in the bin. And it feels really good.

  3. Hey Bodhi Chicklet!
    Tell us more about Hurricane Irene!
    And obviously, a way to quit material goods, without actually having to make the hard decision. Hmmm. What does this mean??
    Us blog followers should discuss some of this stuff…?
    Pearl xx

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