The Dark Moon

I don’t like to do a post without a photo or a drawing but there really isn’t the time at the moment to do it.

Moving house is stressful and trying to do it from one country to another with dogs and a piano is even more so.

Added to which is the weirdness of spending almost every waking hour doing construction work on the place I want to leave my furniture – what is left of it after selling or giving away so much!

What I did today – or part of it!

*took van for MOT which could be the last one if I manage to get it registered in Spain when I get there
*trip round builders merchants looking for Allen Keys (to dismantle IKEA chairs which I can’t get out of the house whole) and a nail punch for the new wooden floor which is being laid
*pause in Newlyn to buy fruit and vegetables as we must stop eating so many cakes and biscuits and eating out all the time as we are too tired to cook
*phone calls to BT, chimney sweep, banks,window cleaners, letting agents etc blah blah blah
*make tea for the workers
*play with the three dogs trying to stop the very hormonal Duna (3)  humping poor bemused Blue (15) and growling at nervous confused Bonnie
*sell my old iMac
*research international removal companies
*research hiring vans for DIY removals
*frighten myself silly over the risks of moving your own piano
*fight off phone calls from various currency brokers who are responding to my enquiries about how to send money to Catalunya without paying huge charges
*make tea for the workers
*try to get bloodstains from chair cushions after Duna sat on them. (Reconsider the Catalan belief that dogs shouldn’t sit on chairs….perhaps they have a point?)
*drive to the village of Paul to buy several jars of marmalade. How many exactly will I need to get me through a whole year?  I wish I could find Seville oranges in Granollers.
*in the midst of a happy moment watching a friend hang the new door on our cabin I am told it must be stained NOW, TODAY!  So I made my third trip to the builders merchants in Penzance to buy woodstain.
*there is a beautiful sunset as I work quickly to get the stain on before we lose the light in the ‘new’ building. We are still only getting electricity from one extension lead that snakes down the field to the main house and the days are getting shorter.

I expect you are tired reading this. It’s good to write it down as I can see I am doing a lot although many days seem to pass without too much being visibly accomplished. But little by little I am sure things are falling into place. Only I need to trust.  And to enjoy the process.

Photos or pictures next time, I promise.

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6 thoughts on “The Dark Moon

  1. And here I say, thinking I was tired from spending the day with two grade three classes on a field trip. You just exhausted me from all you did in one day. Moving the piano yourself? I guess it will just need to be tuned once you get there. Poor Blue, it sounds like Duna is expecting more from her than she is willing or able to give! Now, for that vermut…. (because we’ve both earned it)

  2. Marmalade – it’s best when home made – no comparison with the manufactured kind. You must come and taste some on fresh made bread Oreneta. When I get there!
    Thanks Liz – look forward to it.
    Thank you Pebbledash – I need to hear that kind of encouragement as I feel like a mouse on a wheel.
    Kim – yes! A drink right now with you to share a laugh would be bliss. But it is 11pm and we are just off to collect a mattress, wrestle it onto a roof rack and take apart the Ikea chairs with the new Allen keys. Should sleep well tonight!
    love Kate x

  3. Gosh, it all sounds formidable. I wish that I could come and help! But – fortitude and determination will see you through.
    Pearl x
    PS: I do know someone who wants a Macbook.

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