Clearing the house with the help of friends

When you decide to move it is always an opportunity for clearing the house of things that you no longer need. But moving abroad makes this more of a necessity as either you must store things or pay to have them transported across Europe.

It is already the end of October and…..

I have got to get on with clearing the house

There is still so much to do and looking around the house in Cornwall all I see is this…

alt='clearing the house'
what am I going to do with all this stuff?

And this

alt='clearing the house but keeping the dog'
Bonnie you are coming with me, don’t worry!

Confusion is always better when Bonnie is sleeping in it!
I have a deadline and most of this stuff must go.  It feels chaotic as I  move things from one place to the next, trying to sort out what to take and what to leave.  There is nowhere to put anything!
I have lost all sense of time – can I do what I need to do in only one month?

Would it take 6 months?

Why have we spent almost all our time here renovating the stable when we should be packing and decorating?

And yet I know that I need somewhere to put all the things that must stay in Cornwall.  It’s just that I never imagined this would all take so long and be so exhausting both physically and emotionally.

It doesn’t help that my asthma has returned with a vengeance. I am allergic to Cornish mists and pollens and dust from concrete and plaster is making me worse.

Help arrives from a friend in Canada

What a bright moment it was in my day yesterday when I found an envelope in the post box addressed to the Compassionate and Gorgeous Kate Wilson. It was full of beautiful cards made by my blog friend Bodhi Chicklet and was a giveaway from her wonderful and funny blog.
Thank you so much Bodhi – you brought magic into my day.

It is so nice to get proper post – something that hardly ever happens these days and this was a reminder to me to send more personal cards to friends and family.

And to write nice things and to draw on  envelopes.

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2 thoughts on “Clearing the house with the help of friends

  1. EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! How can it be that those cards got to you sooner than ones I sent to the U.S? But I’m thrilled and loved to see the photos of the envelope sitting outside your mailbox! But of course you are gorgeous (I’ve seen your photos) and compassionate, with the wonderful words you have sent to me via blog and personal email. I am especially happy to see that the glass of vermut didn’t get knocked off somewhere between Canada and Spain, since I take it as our kind of special symbol. Eeeeek! But what an absolute thrill for me to see my own envelope on another continent. I loved the shot of one of your dogs curling up in amongst the mayhem. They will be there, happy and ready to accompany you on this journey. They love and adore you, as you love and adore them. You are one big happy family along with Duna and Pepe (so sorry to put him AFTER the dogs, but I am a dog person after all…) Once again, one day, one moment at a time. You are building a life, both of your have history and if you are loving and kind with both of your baggage, you will have a rich life. :-@

  2. Mine came too! The post is waiting……today!!!

    They are lovely aren’t they. Sorry you’re feeling so asthma-y. Ugh.

    It’ll get done cause it has to get done, that’s just the way it is. At least that’s what I’ve always found.

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