A mixture

My furniture arrived.


It took several hours to unload as they had only sent ONE MAN!   Luckily we were able to supply another!

2011-7 remouvals 003

The police were also in evidence due to traffic control. When all was unpacked the van wouldn’t start and the first police had to call for back up to come with jump leads!  Tea was served. And now the piano is sitting in place waiting to be retuned. What a change from the damp atmosphere of Cornwall.

2011-7 remouvals 004
Meanwhile here is a picture of the walk I took with Bonnie yesterday in the beautiful sunshine down by Lamorna Cove. It was a great distraction from all the worries of moving house.

……..and another of the cows crossing the road from dairy to field on my way down to Lamorna.  Never forget the life of these dairy cattle – their fully stretched udders from over production of milk and their lameness as they slowly and painfully walk the short distance from the yard to the grass. This herd is very well looked after – the farmers don’t shout or hit them, they walk beside them with a gentle hand resting on the back of the last and most crippled one to cross the road. But it is not an easy life for these animals as they provide us with our milk.
I always watch with sadness at the same time as pleasure at the old fashioned scene.

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2 thoughts on “A mixture

  1. You didn’t mention Blue – I assume you are all there, lock stock and barrel? And piano.

    That photo of the cows looks like a painting. It’s nice to hear that not all milk is being factory farmed.

    Tomorrow I will share with you the photo I took from the window of our first snow fall…

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