Before I write about our homecoming I must just show you these photos of the meal in Cahors. It was one of those dinners which won’t be forgotten. The hotel was so beautiful, sitting right on the edge of the river Lot which snakes around the city making it almost an island. Because we were all tired we decided to eat in the hotel restaurant and leave the dogs safe and nearby in the van. I was almost too tired to eat but also really needing something more than travel food. We ate from the Menu which was 17 euros plus wine.
Every single mouthful was heaven.
First there was fish soup with little toasts and cheese and a spicey sauce. The main dish was a simple steamed white fish with a delicious sauce, ratatouille and perfect roast potatoes. For pudding I had creme brulee and Marta the icecream. The wine was local from Cahors and the waitress who was Argentinian and had taken a fancy to Marta let us share the wine buffet which meant you could keep going up to chose and taste another.
Here we are in this paradise

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