Early hours are best for internet

can’t resist a quick post as the hotel is quiet and everyone else sleeps so the internet is more active. Yesterday we came through the tunnel – really exciting and definitely the best way to cross over/under with dogs. They didn’t even check the microchips or pet passports so we whizzed through to stand in line waiting to board. I had hoped to catch an earlier train as they allow you a lot of flexibility and you can turn up late or early and get on the next available train. But this time there were no spaces on earlier trains – I imagine because of the huge storms overnight there were many people taking refuge from the ferry crossings.
A wonderful way to pass the time on the train under the sea is to have hand massages! Wonderful Marta had brought along some cream and we did fifteen minutes each which made the whole trip pass in a dream. Dogs slept of course!
Windy and rainy most of the way down to Chartres but the roads were mostly open and clear. We stopped and let the dogs out for their first French walk at an Aire in the Somme valley. A lovely place with open fields and pathways beside streams and lots of birds swooping around. I hadn’t realised the Somme was so far west. How deeply resonant these First War names are to me – was it just the influence of Vera Brittain and the poets?
Here are some images from the day – all in a mishmash I’m afraid as I want to sleep a little now before setting off. We ended the evening with a picnic on the bed as we were too tired even to cross over to MacDonalds for chips.  Menu – apples, carrots, Cheeselets and whisky!

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2 thoughts on “Early hours are best for internet

  1. And the van is still fine I assume. Seems you passed a reasonable night anyway! Glad to hear it. Looks like a cute pooch wants to share some of the food there.

  2. If I knew that, I will skype you in the morning, yesterday night was a terrible connection!
    I am happy I am not in the van with you when you stard remembering the 1st war places, I had enough visits to the memorials… Love! XXXX

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