Hello I am Blue and I am writing a guest post for Kate’s blog. I don’t know where I am exactly but it is a long way from home. I slept most of the day in my cage which is where I feel safest when travelling. I was glad to be with Kate and Marta and Bonnie – for weeks I have been worried because it looked like a big change was afoot and I hoped I would be part of it and not left behind. So here I am in a big hotel and it looks like we are all going somewhere new which is a big adventure and quite interesting. We stopped a lot along the way and I used my new ramp – always with a biscuit appearing when I went in and out. I ate my dinner in a car park where it was very windy and a bit wet but it was good to know the food had been packed. Then we went in a lift – my first one ever – it was better than the ramp and so much easier than climbing stairs with my old knees.
Then – wonder of wonders – a tray of food arrived in the room – there was fish and chips!  Lovely!
I think I will sleep well in here although Bonnie doesn’t want to share the blanket with me so Kate got another bed for me and there are also the big beds of course. Perhaps she will go and get the ramp so I can get up!
We just went outside again and there were so many new smells that I didn’t want to walk far but suddenly there were cheesey biscuits again in front of my nose so I ran in the wind and the rain to a grassy area and then back inside to the warmth of the lift and back upstairs to bed.
When I know where I am – I will write more.

Thank you all for thinking about me – I am fine!

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4 thoughts on “Food

  1. Well Blue, glad to know it is going reasonably well….though dinner arrangements maybe could be cosier, no? The hotel sounds lovely…did she get the ramp for you in the end?

  2. Blue, I am so glad you are enjoying your adventure. I am sure Kate is taking good care of you. Did you know she is tickled pink that you and Bonnie are all going to be together now? I am sure you are going to love Granollers and you already know Pep. That sounds like a lot of biscuits coming your way. Better watch out for your girlish figure! Can’t wait to hear from you again soon.

  3. Dear Blue
    I’m so glad to hear that you’re safe and well. It was lovely to have you all staying with us for a few days before you set off, but I miss you now.
    I keep looking over the field expecting to see you, but Margret and Val tell me you won’t be back, at least not for a long time. They tell me you’re off on a big adventure into a new life. Go safely … love and woofs, Grace xxx

  4. Very good little Blue! We, Esteve, Duna and me are waiting for you and your friends here in Granollers. here you will be an urban dog… You already starts the trainning with the lift! Love!!

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