Santa Susanna

Such a strange place – a lovely long beach and a caravan and camping site right on the edge of the sand

Then a railway track. Then the main road and then a large nothingness and further inland a very new town which seems as if it was plonked here just to serve the coastal tourist part

But if you just stay close to the beach it’s very pleasant and I can imagine coming back again and trying to get a beach side plot so I can put my breakfast table outside the van to sit there watching the sea and the sun rise.
And it’s only 32km from Granollers.
There are hundreds of camper vans – some enormous – some even more basic than mine. Mostly they have come from Germany and Belgium. Because of this it wasn’t too noisy on New Years Eve – about an hour of petardos thrown by local children and then peaceful silence

Petardos are firecrackers and I wasn’t aware of them before coming to Catalunya where they are commonly used by children of all ages to celebrate such things as the feast of St John in midsummer, Barça winning a football match and on New Years Eve. I just discovered that firecrackers were invented in China in the 9th century and were banned in the UK from 1997. They are designed to make noise rather than light and some of them are mini explosions which you just have to get used to if you live in Spain!
Blue is pleased to report one great advantage of being deaf – she is no longer bothered by fireworks!

One of the closed restaurants has a resident colony of cats

Bonnie enjoyed the beach but continues to have battles with Duna who is struggling to accept the changes this last month has brought to her life

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2 thoughts on “Santa Susanna

  1. It’s so strange – the new years eve party we went to also had firecrackers which we took down to our waterfront. I am unfamiliar with fireworks for new years, largely because it’s usually too cold to light a match! But we sent off the bunch this neighbor had bought and then did the count down and then home (gratefully). I do wish I wasn’t dealing with the below zero quotient, but life is what it is and so I will end this extremely run on sentence with – wait for it a preposition – up!! Up is where I am looking as well as “in”. Confused? Yes, so am I. As I am up waaaaay past my bedtime which explains the plethora of nonsense. xo

  2. Sounds mostly good, and glad Blue wasn’t bothered by the firecrackers…….YEAH! Love the last photo and I sincerely hope that Duna and Bonnie work it out……what a struggle.

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