Virtual Botifarra

After the vermut perhaps you’d like a bite of botifarra?

It was in a bagette and almost filled the whole length.
I know I have relaxed my vegetarian-ness but not this far and I had one with cheese in it!
Botifarra is an important presence in Catalan cuisine – it is a sausage – obviously – and comes in various forms such as white with no blood in its mix, black and botifarra catalana.
Botifarra i mongetes is a classic Catalan recipe of sausages and white beans.
Perhaps this time next year I will be munching on my own sausage sandwich!
Animal news
We went for a walk in the hills and there were no fights or even growls. We are trying to become leaders of the pack and keeping the two combatants separate – if not in different rooms at least one of them is on a lead and under control. So far, so good.
The pigeon is at the vet – we found one  local practice that helps abandoned or wild animals and birds. They get a payment from the Protectora de Animales which I think is a kind of charity which receives grants from the council as well as donations from the public. Amazingly they were happy to include a street pigeon in this scheme and we are waiting for news of her wing and if she has hope of flying again.

In the current financial crisis many of these groups have had to close their centres including the one near Granollers and the animals were dispersed around the region. At first it looked like they had been ‘disappeared’ but it seems they were taken to other centres.  And it seems a new centre may open around here again soon. There was a big protest about the closure and perhaps it has had a positive outcome.

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3 thoughts on “Virtual Botifarra

  1. It is often by people acting and speaking out that things get done. Or at least I like to think so. I think this will be more and more apparent and time moves forward. Gone are the days of people not being able to be heard. And now…another “virtual” possibility? Oh, be still my beating heart! But I am not a sausage lover so I may let this one slide. The dogs will find their own pecking order in time. They really are still new to one another and so, and so. Did I ask you already if you ever read, “Pack of Two” by Caroline Knapp? I adore this writer, have read almost everything she wrote. I am still looking for the box the contain my collection of her books since our move almost 8 years ago. iMan says he knows where it is but he has yet to unearth it. I am thinking the worst and that I may start adding one at a time back to my library . Happy weekending!

  2. Kate, glad the dogs sorted it out for a moment anyway, this was a good news post all around, wasn’t it. Glad the animals from the protectora were sent to other centers ….the one near us is WAY up in the mountains, and the overheads must be pretty low.

  3. Oh yes how great it is to be able to do good news for once! The dogs – the arrangement is holding for the moment and I see little changes in the demona Duna who is a bit confused but starting to realise she is not queen of the casa.
    Sausages and I parted ways many years ago but you can’t live here without acknowledging them in some way – but I agree – a weekly virtual botifarra is a step too far!
    No – heaven’t heard of this writer but I will rush off now and look on amazon. I always love getting links to new books. Thank you!

    Now to start the morning strolls with the beasts. Kx

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