The Glad Game

I’ve been so caught up in worries about the dogs fighting, Blue’s cystitis, my painful hands, the imminent arrival of the Resident Adolescent to stay for good, and a hundred other little anxieties that, I lost sight of the big picture for a while.
And of course in spite of normal troubles, I do like my life here.
There was a time when I lived in Cornwall when I was struggling to see the point of anything so I started  a practice of writing down every night five things that I was grateful for.  If it was a bad day I could write down basics – I have a home, I can breathe, I have running water, I have two legs, I have food.

But of course when I looked there was always so much more:- people who had smiled at me, experiences that were good, friends who gave me a hug.
It seems to be one of those magic formulae that is easy to do but sometimes we forget to do it.
Too often I get caught up in the small stuff and this is something I want to change.
Just off the top of my head here is my list for today – if anyone wants to join in I’d love to hear what 5 things you feel glad of today.
1.   I am so glad to have my two beautiful dogs here with me so I can enjoy them, care for them and run my hands through their soft warm fur every day.
2.   I am grateful for the sunny weather this winter so that when I go out with the dogs it is a pleasure to be in the open air.
3.   The internet is amazing and I am grateful for all the wonderful bloggers I have found who share their experiences, their creativity, their humour and their humanity. It has helped me feel less alone here.
Here’s one of my favourites.
4.   I am really glad there is a drawing class here in Granollers and grateful to Dolores for taking me there. It is so good to be doing something creative.
5.   How amazing it is to be able to get on a train and in 40 minutes arrive in the centre of Barcelona. I went up this week and it is like an injection of pure happiness. I love that buzz in the air.

I notice in myself a hesitation to let you read this post – perhaps I worry that it sounds complacent to make a list of good things in your life. I promise I would try to do it in on the bad days too.
I believe it is an energy changer and can work miracles.
Why not try it?

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4 thoughts on “The Glad Game

  1. That is a good list of good things….the resident adolescent is about to become permanent! WOW….that’s a big change….good thing the dogs are there. I read somewhere that the most important thing a person can do when they have a teen is have a dog so that at least someone is happy when they’ve come home. Seems you’ve got three someones. MIN!

  2. I kept a gratitude journal for a couple of years. I seem to remember my 1,000th day as when I started it I didn’t date it, I numbered it as Day 1. I dropped off all kinds of journal keeping some time last summer. But I have been thinking to start back at least with my gratitude journal. So I will take this a a message from the Universe that it is a useful tool and one I ought to pick up again. Thank you for reminding me about Niall’s blog. You had linked him once before (I think it was a post about the size of his nose….) I do like his honesty and thought provokingness (I know, I know that’s not even a word…) As for the dogs fighting still, I have a remedy made for dogs called “Graceful Aging” that is supposed to help in this exact circumstance. Originally I bought it thinking it was for aging dogs but it is for introducing a new animal into an already established house (hierarchy?) I have a couple of bottles and would be happy to send you one if you want to try it. It is based on homeopathy, it is a liquid you could probably put in the communal water bowl (the toilet? just kidding…) I would be happy to have someone try it and give me some feedback. And as for you, I am glad you put your vulnerable self out there to share this. I don’t think it is at all complacent to list good things in our lives. I think it makes us more aware of them, especially the smaller things like running your hands through your dogs fur and feeling their spirit. It is something I am feeling more and more like I need to do to remind myself of those little things.

  3. Thank you once again, Kate, for your willingness to share and for getting me to think. And for Niall’s blog, have just been browsing and it has already brought a little action to my day.
    Full-time resident adolescent, huh? If I can pass on anything useful I have learned about my students, I would be delighted to help…

    Off now to take some unneeded clutter to the recycling centre, the sun is shining and my toothache will hopefully be sorted out tomorrow by the dentist.

    Carnaval is celebrated here, too, in the traditionally Catholic south of the country once overrun by the Spaniards and Napoleon.

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