A weather change

It’s been hot and sunny for months. I can’t remember the last time it rained. Of course it’s lovely but also strangely disturbing. Everyone says it is unusual for this time of year. The Panta de Sau is a huge water reservoir which was created in 1962 by flooding an abandoned village. Apparently at the moment you can see the church and houses as the water is so low.

Now they say the weather will change. Rain is expected. They have been saying this for days and I have started to look out anxiously for clouds.  I start each day hoping for a grey sky.  I am sniffing the air for rain. It’s not like Cornwall where you feel the rain in the air and soon after it comes – and sometimes doesn’t go away for weeks. 
Here, we wait.  ‘Tomorrow it will come’, but tomorrow comes and goes and still it is dry. Yesterday there were a few drops. today the wind changed to the East and it was very cold. I saw someone chatting on the street with an umbrella up.  Gusts of wind on the terrace send the plastic pots scurrying across the tiles.

Now they say again that ‘tomorrow it will rain and there will be thunder and lightning’
Inconvenient as I had arranged to meet Oreneta for a lovely mountain dog walk.

But I want the rain to come and water the plants and trees, to clean the streets and especially the pavement outside where Blue pees every day, and to fill up the Pantana de Sau so it is full of water we need for the summer.

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One thought on “A weather change

  1. Indeed, we need the rain badly, but I don’t want it today. If the world were perfect it would rain at night and then be beautiful and sunny all day!

    Have you every been to see that reservoir? It is apparently quite amazing as the top of the spire sticks out all the time….

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