Two Dogs

Two dogs – Border Collies

lived all their lives in Cornwall

until they moved to Catalunya

when they were 15

and 9

they swam in the Mediterranean
slept in the sunshine

scoured the rocks for discarded sandwiches

with a new companion who shared this interest
One overcame her fear of strangers
and fell in love all over again

And the other found her legs could walk further and further
taking her to places – she’d never been before

(as I typed that she jumped onto the sofa without a  worry)

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6 thoughts on “Two Dogs

  1. “The End” – a perfect tale! Love it and love happy endings! I think I would be able to jump on the sofa too if I moved to Catalunya and could scour the beaches for sandwiches. But I digress…I adore Blue’s face. Can I adopt her?

  2. Both of them took time to get used to water – but they love chasing things so , little by little, further and further, they ran in and out of the sea in cornwall to collect the ball/stick/toy. And sometimes the water was deep and they had to paddle. Then they started to enjoy it. Neither of them like waves too much – this they share with me!

  3. Great ‘picture story’ – much better than the silly romantic ones in the Jackie all those years ago, haha
    It must be a wonderful feeling that things have worked out so well for the intrepid travellers in their new country. Such a lot of planning, worrying, solving problems etc. but worth it in the end! xx

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