Wild Camping

A night away in the van to test how it copes with two people and three dogs
It went well and we even managed to visit both mountains and sea

We ate supper on the seafront at Blanes which was good for sea sounds and dog walking but best not to look behind to the highrise apartments and hotels. Then we found a lovely cove called Sant Francesc and slept nearby beside another white VW camper with two dogs. That made me more relaxed and the night passed quietly – unlike the first time we were road camping in the Costa Brava and in the early hours some passing youth noticed the UK plates and started to rock the van and shout at us.
Today all was peaceful and it was lovely to wander down to the sea early in the morning and before the Sunday lunch parties arrived

There were already groups of men breakfasting on wine, sausages and pa amb tomaquet!
At lunch time we moved on to the beautiful nudist beach over the hill

Here is the sea – mesmerising and soothing to us all although it was too rough for swimming

The weather forecast predicts rain from tomorrow so we were lucky to have such a sunny weekend.
Pictures of dogs in the next post.

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2 thoughts on “Wild Camping

  1. Lovely! Glad it all went so well with the dogs. Marvellous to just be able to take off like that – this won’t be the last time, I’m sure!
    By the way, didn’t manage to get hold of Viv at the weekend, I think we kept missing each other, but I’ll try her again for the chocolate cake recipe.

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