Subtle language decisions that you can’t avoid in Catalonia

My week of Castellano

It was quiet in the park today as so many people go away on a public holiday.
Today of course is May Day!  Or  El Dia del Trabajadors.
But Bonnie and I did meet a couple with two dogs, one a very lame German Shepherd and the other an unidentifiable tiddly thing. Ages – 12 and 14.
Of course I asked them which vet they use and we had a good conversation about dogs and vets and getting older.  They go to the Lauro 24 hour Vet Hospital where I took Bonnie a few months ago.

But I had to have this conversation in Spanish although they were obviously people who would normally speak Catalan and it was interesting how embarrassed I felt.  As if I was being  rude or disrespectful and I was tempted to explain my language challenge but really, Kate, not necessary! They won’t expect you to speak Catalan anyway.
Just get on with talking!

I’m sure if I had explained it wouldn’t have been clear and they would have switched to Catalan and that would be that.

But I wonder if I am being too rigid in this language challenge – I want to be disciplined but I have to take into account the particular language courtesies here.

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