Last Thursday in the Market……

………… it was more relaxed than usual – or perhaps it was me!
I wandered around for a couple of hours, not worrying about vegetables or fruit.
It was warm but not too hot. It was busy but not impossible to move. 
In this dreamy mood I…….
– bought a Blue dress from this stall for 26 euros which was too much but the dress is lovely

– did not buy these extra long mops

– followed this woman to get a photo of her as I loved her very un-Granollers glasses. There seem to be a lot of USA pants around as well as some with the Union Jack!

  – braved the olive man again and this time he smiled

– laughed at some leggings and felt glad that women here with large bottoms really do wear them with pride rather than hide themselves in baggy sacks

– relaxed on these ‘put your feet up’ seats on the Plaça dels Porcs while Pep bought the vegetables and fruit. Are these the whitest legs in Granollers?

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