Orxata in La Perla Granollers

It was 8.30 before the streets cooled down enough to take Bonnie for a walk.
For a Birthday walk as she was 10 years old today. The clock on the pharmacy still said it was 30C but a cool breeze was blowing down the main street and it felt pleasant.
I decided to stop for an orxata – the delicious drink made from tiger nuts, water and sugar.
But I didn’t stop at that, I ordered a cubano which is a glass of orxata with a large dollop of ice cream inside.  Usually I have vanilla ice cream but tonight I wanted coconut

It came with a straw which had a little spoon attached at the bottom, so you can alternate between drinking and eating

I’m afraid I then ordered another – exactly the same. Well it is Summer Solstice.

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5 thoughts on “Orxata in La Perla Granollers

  1. Everyone! Do come and have a cubano here in Granollers! It is one of the great pleasures of summer.

    You can buy it to takeaway and drink at home but to me part of the magic is sitting in the street and watching the people go by.

    Kate x

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