Sant Pol De Mar

Bonnie came alone with us to the beach at Sant Pol on Friday.  Duna was in disgrace after an early morning brawl and stayed at home.  Decisions like this are hard but it was so much more relaxing without having to deal with stressed up dogs

The water is still cool – even for me!  The cormorants were both there on the rocks.
Funny to think that when I first went there I was embarrassed to take off all my clothes – it feels totally natural now and the people there are almost always really nice. On this particular day it seemed that each small group had taken along a fair skinned person  so I didn’t feel peculiar.
National ‘Take a White Person to the Beach’ Day!
Dogs welcome too!  You were looking at the dog weren’t you?

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4 thoughts on “Sant Pol De Mar

  1. Sounds like the day for me to go to the beach too! I’m fair enough…actually, I spend every moment I am not actually swimming completely covered, so I am not sure there would be a point.

  2. I love the feeling of sun and warmth on my skin – I always have felt I am drinking it is. but I have to be careful of course. It’s amazing how I haven’t burned since being here – I stay under the umbrella most of the time and then let it stream over me occasionally. I don’t like sun cream so try to control it with timing rather than protection. Obviously I do put it on sometimes though! I have always noticed that brown skinned people seem to tan all over while white ones get lines – it seems to spread if you are olive – it seeps under pants and bikinis. Strange isn’t it?

  3. For as far back as a I have a memory, I have never been comfortable being any kind of naked in public. I guess you get used to it if you see it every day. I know, I know it is natural and all that but there is this part of me that is shy that may never get to the point of walking around naked in public. It must feel incredibly freeing and natural though, for those more in the spirit. I can only imagine and applaud you, as a fair skinned person and a bit of an oddity. Is Friday, “take a blond foreigner to the beach” day?! If so, just make sure they know you are a natural blond!

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