Caldes de Montbui – Part Two

The third performance was within an ancient water pool – another safareig but this time more private. We had to walk along an old passageway with a high stone wall on one side. Then there was a gate in the wall, leading into a small low ceilinged room with a large pool of water.

The audience were invited to chose from different ‘menus’ to provide the dancer with a emotional theme, some music, and  a type of movement. There would be two dances – one by a crazy woman and the other by a woman in a suit.
I wrote down my choices – I wanted the crazy woman to dance fear, with continuous movements accompanied by a waltz.  The pieces of paper were put in a hat and a young girl picked one  – it was mine!  Such a great feeling to be chosen, almost as if it was a gift specially for me

Watching her dance was incredible. It reminded me of a recurrent dream I have of a madwoman, with wild hair and desperate eyes. Some of my dreams take place in an underground water cave and this performance was like a presentation of a part of my inner world.
At the end she threw herself back into the water, her arms now thankfully free and moving, and she emerged smiling and very wet!

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