What’s Not To Like?

I am back at Sant Nicolau and although I was supposed to go home today I am still here!
It’s the light.
It’s waking up to birdsong.
It’s the pleasure of letting Bonnie out into the garden for her morning pee without having to get dressed to face the people of Granollers.

I called this post What’s Not To Like?  because I’ve always loved that strange phrase, learnt from my old friend Hannah in London.  Being here in Sant Nicolau makes me feel that way.
I love being here.
Helen and Francis are such warm generous people, the little cottages for rent feel like home from home, the resident dogs and cats are friendly and chilled, the gardens are beautiful, the swimming pool is inviting, there is healing energy in the air. We are near the lovely beaches of the Costa Brava and from the Mas you can walk along quiet lanes with the Pyranees and Mare de Deu del Mont in the distance.
Here there be light and love and magic!
The only thing that would make it perfect would be if Pep was here too!
This is the walk that Bonnie and I take most days from the house.

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8 thoughts on “What’s Not To Like?

  1. Ah Christine I love you! You know today I read that needing approval from others is a road to nowhere but I have to confess that getting a comment here on the blog feels like heaven and I feel not only approved of but loved and special and happy. So I obviously have a loooooong way to go on the road to being a non-approval seeker. And yes now that you say it I can see it is like Arran and perhaps that is part of why I like seeing mountain peaks in the distance. Feels like home. lots of love Katy X

  2. Love you too! And yes I will. You should have seen the sky this morning at 7am – rosy dawn all around and Bonnie and were were walking as the Full Moon wouldn’t let me sleep. Kx

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