At the beginning of this year I wrote about some promises I made to myself and now as we start a new month I want to take a look at how I’ve been getting on with them.

Vegetarian – I have kept to this promise except for one occasion when I ate a thin slice of free range chicken. I had made lunch and discovered too late that the home made burgers I had defrosted were not the vegetable and hazelnut ones but were beef.  I had also prepared chicken for the Resident Adolescent so  I decided to have a piece of that rather than eat the non organic beef. Eating out has been fine and I am now asking in restaurants what they have for vegetarians.

Smoking – It is now 4 months since I stopped smoking and I haven’t wanted to smoke at all in this time. I know it is dangerous to say so but I really do feel it is for good this time. I stopped for positive reasons – for health of course but mostly because I want to connect more with the energy of my heart chakra and I think smoking creates a barrier to that.

Coke and Tescos  Absolutely no problem with keeping away from them!

Catalan for two weeks  I really did try with this but it didn’t feel as successful as last year. I definitely spoke more Catalan but I can feel I am resisting it at the moment. Will try a fortnight again in February. I know it is the ONLY way to improve.

Forgiveness and Sending out Love  An ongoing process. I do still get angry and frustrated and hurt but at least I remember quickly what I decided to do and I have a go at doing it.

Kitchen Sink This has been wonderful. I have no problem cleaning it every day and when I was away I actually missed doing it!  If you think that is crazy then you haven’t tried it. I don’t even mind when someone makes it dirty again.  I just have it in my head as one of my jobs and do it like a meditation. Actually I think that the others are keeping it cleaner too – not deliberately, well not the Res.Ad. anyway but just because it so often looks sparkly it is harder to leave it in a mess.

So, I’m quite pleased with progress and am starting February with some more promises and pacts.
I think it helps to make them public so I will draw up a list once I have decided exactly what I can promise to do.  And of course all the above will continue, including the kitchen sink which is now very easy!

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