Voices and Accents

Hello faithful readers!
Long time no post. There are reasons for that but I will explain another time.

So here I am travelling again for the summer holidays. It got very hot in Granollers and that always makes me want very much to get back to the UK.  Bonnie also struggles a bit with the heat – even walks that start at 8am seem to end with a panting scurry home in the shady streets between our home and the park.

We drove through France, came through the Tunnel, visited family along the way and now are in Cambridge at my sisters house, preparing to leave tomorrow for Scotland.
We are covering miles and miles this summer. So far just over 1000!

Tonight in the local Coop supermarket I heard voices speaking Catalan. A child was asking for something and my finely tuned ears pricked up. “Això Mama. Vull Això!”

Suddenly I found myself talking to them. I wonder why I do this?  I just can’t seem to stop myself when I hear someone talking in Catalan in another country. I did it last year in Italy as well. And in London. And at  Avebury stone circle.   It seemed an amazing coincidence that they were there in the Coop at the same time as me.  I have that tendency to approach people with Scottish accents as well – not when I’m in Scotland of course.  But I would never strike up a conversation with someone in Granollers just because they were speaking English. Somehow that seems different.

I wonder what it’s all about? Is it something tribal?

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One thought on “Voices and Accents

  1. What irony, K….you’ve driven straight into a heatwave, although it will get cooler going north.

    I’m sure you’ll be accosting more people with kindred accents/languages and you’ll have a fun time.

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