Autumn Sun on the Costa Brava

I am spending a week at Sant Nicolau with some of my family from the UK
It is lovely to sing together in the church

The weather this October is warm and clear and although the nights are drawing in, it is still comfortable to swim in the warm clear water of the Costa Brava.

Estartit is a seaside town which was originally a traditional fishing village but now is lost within the usual sprawling developments of the 1960’s. However it  is saved by the presence of the Mides Islands which dominate the bay and the hilltop 13th century castle which overlooks the area.

On the way down to Estartit you pass through the beautiful Torroella de Montgri which makes a much better place to stop for lunch.

On Saturday we ate in a tapas restaurant in a quiet square – it’s easy to find

When we returned on Wednesday the kitchen was closed but the waitress recognised me from before and asked the cook if he would prepare us lunch anyway.  Which he did with a smile!
Lovely food and incredibly welcoming service in a very pleasant town

I could imagine living there.
But also, I can’t.
Strangely the longer I live here the more I understand the Catalan way of staying close to home. Granollers is not my home but for now it is the closest thing I have to that mythical place.

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5 thoughts on “Autumn Sun on the Costa Brava

  1. It all sounds lovely and I’m sure your family got a lot out of this visit too. Such a nice touch when people treat you with such genuine hospitality and humanity. Occasionally it happens here and it has the important effect of reminding us why we continue to live her. Yesterday, I even got that kind of brotherly solidarity from a mechanic and the day before in BCN a guy working in a bar just gave me a free piece of tortilla and salad with my beer for no extra cost. Surprises all round!

  2. Hi Brett

    Yes that is it exactly. Sometimes people do these very human and generous things and it wipes out all the other times when I feel so foreign and like a square shaped person trying to fit into a round hole.

    It’s a good reminder to be generous in my turn


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