How to Make Panellets at Home

As promised here is our recipe for making these little sweet cakes that are traditional at this time of year.
We have this recipe thanks to my partner’s mother who lovingly typed up lots of traditional and favourite Catalan dishes and stuck them in a folder called Cuina de L’Avia/ Grandmother’s Cooking.
There is a photograph of her on the back of the book, cooking a large paella. On the front she put a photo of the happy couple who received the book.  It was done in the days before Photoshop (and before me) and lacking actual images of them cooking, she stuck their heads onto other bodies. It always makes me smile when I take out the book – it was done with such love and generosity and when you cook one of her recipes you really feel her presence helping you in the kitchen.

400g of ground almonds
400g sugar
150g boiled potatoes and sweet potatoes
lemon rind from one lemon

For Decoration
100g pine nuts
100g chopped nuts (almonds or hazlenuts are good)
100g ground coconut
one lemon
anything else you fancy using!

-Boil the potatoes and sweet potatoes in their skins, 10 minutes high and 10 minutes low heat.
-Let them cool, take off the skins and then mash them well.
-Add to the potato mix the almonds, the sugar and the lemon peel.
-Mix it together gently with a spatula – too much and it will be difficult to get it to stay in shape.
Now you have the base of the panellets.

Pine Nuts
Roll the mixture into balls and dip in egg white. Cover in pine nuts. These are your round panellets

Mix together the base with some ground almonds,dip in egg white and roll in the chopped nuts. Make these into cubes.

Mix together the base with some ground coconut,dip in egg white and coat with more coconut. Make into pyramids.

Add some lemon rind to the base and make these panellets into half moon shapes.

Coat them all with a mix of egg yolk and a little water and put into a HOT oven 220C for 10 minutes. 

Eat accompanied by a little glass of something tasty!

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  1. Hello there my soul sister Katy! Thank you for being so swift in making a comment in my blog post. I have been floundering for so long, and once I decided to make a goal of posting once a week, life threw a wrench in, in the way of incompetent dental work (resulting in mind bending pain) and effed-up weather throwing electrical fireballs and apocalyptic signs left, right and center. I keep telling myself to breath, having invited in change and action (we never know how it will show up though, do we?!). And so it goes. I very much appreciate your love and friendship, was so happy to read about you getting your car (at last!). I feel grateful for your kindred spirit.

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