A little Extra

I had to stop writing as the computer suddenly started writing something other than what I wanted to say!  After a while I realised it had changed its keyboard settings from British English to French.  Quite a strange sensation when you lose control of the keys!

So now that is sorted I can just add a few more photos of the beautiful gorge on the way to Sant Aniol. The waters were clear turquoise

High up in the mountains we finally reached the old hermitage which is beside a derelict refuge. People are currently restoring it so that walkers can stay here again. And to get the building materials up there they first have to restore the path so that donkeys can use it once again.
It is on a very popular walking route that goes across to France

Another highlight of the walk were the swinging bridges that crossed the water

And from another day – we were walking in the woods around Sant Nicolau and passed this pomegranate tree – the first I have ever seen. Love pomegranate seeds in Rocket and Parmesan salad!

Bridges and Pomegranates and Phoenix rising from the ashes – what wonderful New Year images.
May your January be fertile ground for new plans and may 2014 bring  fresh and healing energy into your life!

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