The Coast at Roses

Back at Sant Nicolau!  Tomorrow we leave again which is hard as I love it here but I must admit I am looking forward to fast internet, coffee and cakes with Lydia and Tiffany and the possibility of a hot bath. And Burns Night!  We are having our Burns supper on Saturday in Granollers

Today however we were able to enjoy the pleasures of the Costa Brava

We went to Roses to look for a hidden cove and had a wonderful walk along a path that so reminded me of the Cornish coast path. Bonnie was happy and seemed to glow in the sunshine

It was rocky and wild, the sea was aquamarine and crystal clear

There were some differences though.
One of was the sight of the snow covered Pyranees over on the far side of Roses bay

Another was the occasional scented blast of fresh herbs flowering in the sunshine

I have never seen such a profusion of wild rosemary in flower

Another strong scent was from the Alyssum, a flower I remember from our Troon garden.
It smells of honey and is very hard to photograph as it is so tiny

Later we drove back through Roses town just in time to catch the starlings preparing to roost. As always we were the only people who seemed remotely interested in watching birds. It was the most wonderful sight.  There must have been a thousand birds and they filled the air with their cries while creating magical heart-stopping ever changing patterns in the darkening sky

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4 thoughts on “The Coast at Roses

  1. exquisite! I watched my favourite video on youtube with starlings today – kismet! I am living vicariously through you and the colours, the warmth and the flora. *sigh* This is proving to be a very difficult winter here in the NE of NA. On top of which I have had serious car trouble which may mean a “new” car (new to me anyway) which will cancel out a week at the beach in April. *double sigh* We are just going to blunder our way through this weekend with the idea that we will have one day that is not dreadfully cold (before yet another arctic mass moves in) *triple sigh*

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