Another Broken Tooth

Did I tell you I broke a tooth yesterday? 
Another tooth. It is something that happens on a regular basis and probably is the result of having so many fillings when I was a child. I have British mouth syndrome as the dentists call it here. If you are younger than 40 you probably don’t know what I mean but many people of my age have mouths full of fillings.  Black amalgam ones.  And gradually they fall out or the surrounding tooth breaks off.

I have a great dentist here and yesterday they immediately did the filing job needed to make it comfortable to eat and speak. This afternoon I went for the filling itself.  It was one of those dentist visits that need a lot of self control and a graduate degree in calmness under duress. Nothing hurt but the injection made half my tongue go to sleep and then they decided to stuff my mouth with what felt like a frilly latex skirt, splayed out in order to collect any pieces of flying mercury amalgam.

No need to go on with this description except to say that sitting in the dentists chair must be one of life’s most lonely experiences. Thank goodness they don’t expect you to carry on a conversation any more and as the whole procedure is carried out in Catalan I have even more excuse for just grunting.

I kept thinking of this BBC comedy clip and hoping I wouldn’t start to laugh hysterically.  If you watch it, wait for the part with the two monkeys…..

The wonderful thing about going to the dentist here is the view from their building

Down onto the Porxada and across to the Ajuntament building. Or over to Can Clapes

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3 thoughts on “Another Broken Tooth

  1. I have British mouth syndrome as well 🙁 My Dutch dentist has been replacing the amalgam fillings with white ones over the years, but there have also been bits of teeth breaking off, root canal treatments, crowns, abscesses and a couple of extractions. Yuk!!
    When we were young, lots of older people (our age haha) had false teeth – those amazing, too-perfect pearlies complete with bright pink fake gums. Wallies.
    At least we still go to the dentist!

  2. So glad you have the same problem – though of course I’m not glad really! Just that lots of people seem to have such good teeth and I worry that it was just Mr Terrace who did the damage. Di you go to him too? My sister and I were reminiscing that we didn’t even have anaesthetic in those days.

    But as you say it is good to have our own teeth even if they are stuck together with chewing gum and safety pins.

    K x

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