Bonnie’s Story- Coming Soon

There is so much to tell and so many photographs to sort from Bonnie’s time in Catalunya that I didn’t get it finished yesterday. Should be done by this evening! See you later and thank you all for sharing this with me….there is something about telling the tale that really helps the grieving.

It is so important not to shove it all down somewhere where it can’t disturb the surface calm of the day. There need to be moments of ruffled waters like yesterday when I went to visit the veterinary clinic who took care of her. I took them a gift of something special and chocolatey that I bought in Barcelona. It was beautifully wrapped with ribbons – they are so good at this presentation here. On the way into the clinic I tripped over the pavement which should have alerted me to the fact that I was feeling wobbly but isn’t it funny how we can ignore our own feelings until they break out?
I started out well and chatted with the extremely nice receptionist who had been very fond of Bonnie. Then when my vet Laura arrived I glanced into the waiting room and suddenly was overcome with tears. I like crying but sobbing in the vets clinic was not my ideal moment. However, es lo que hay!

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