Market Day Granollers March 2014

It is Thursday so it’s market day!

I like getting ready to go out to the market, my wheelie basket at my side.  Here in Cataluny you don’t have to be an old lady to use a shopping trolley. They are practical and almost everyone has one.  I was laughed at in the UK when I walked with my old wickerwork trolley and of course it isn’t so useful when you are in a car. But here where the market is just five minutes down the road, it means you can buy all the fresh fruit and vegetables that you want and also have a handy weapon to help you get through the crowds

Look down the hallway and perhaps you can just make out the freshly painted walls of our sitting room. We painted it white last week.  I have been wanting to do that for four years!

And in the kitchen there are three fresh baked loaves

 After Bonnie died I got a huge urge to start baking bread.  I lost the ability quite a long time ago and after producing several hard inedible bricks I gave up.  But something has changed and so far they have all been delicious.  It’s good to know exactly what is in your daily bread
I use Delia Smiths recipe for quick easy wholemeal bread.
The two little ones are half wheat and half rye.
The one on the left is half Kamut – an experiment

So, off to the market. I will try to take photos but I am nervous ever since one of the gypsy stall holders ran after me shouting not to take pictures. I need to get over this.

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4 thoughts on “Market Day Granollers March 2014

  1. I haven’t tried here cause I’m used to the yeast as a powder and haven’t had time/desire to figure out how to use the moist yeast cubes. What kinds of yeast have you found here, and do you just buy it from the forn? I could totally ask them I suppose, though I’d be doing them out of business.

  2. Hi Oreneta

    You can buy dried yeast here – every time I buy flour in the ecological shops they offer me it. But I do in fact use fresh. I get it from Bretchka (sorry spelling) which i a baker I also buy bread from. They sell me 50g for about 50c and they don’t seem upset with me 🙂
    My recipe uses 10g for 500g flour so it lasts me for 6 loaves.

    K x

  3. Lovely to look along your hall but I had to look up the one photo I have of you in the sitting room to see what colour it was before – sort of terracotta? How clever of you to bake good bread, it looks delicious. Good old Delia!

  4. Hi Kate, Your bread looks delicious and I’m jealous that your fruit and vegetable market is a short walk. Here in the US everything is a drive, especially in the winter. Although I have my bike outfitted with panniers so perhaps this summer I will pedal. Susan

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