Memories of Gozo

I went up to Barcelona this weekend to meet up with a fellow blogger and her cocker spaniel Inca.  She writes here!
I met them in Poble Sec where I spotted this thin stripey building

We had a lovely lunch in a Canarian restaurant. 
 Is that the right adjective to use?  The food was from the Canaries.

I once went to Gozo, near Tenerife for winter sunshine and to get rid of my annual Cornish bronchiatis.

I remember this holiday for three things mainly

1. My friend complained on the first night that I was breathing too loudly and keeping her awake so I spent the entire week sleeping on the sofa
2. While she drove around the island in a hired car, I went for a boat trip which included lunch on board and a lot of Canarian wine. The sea was rough and it was very invigorating sitting at the prow and being pitched up and down over the waves.  
I became so absorbed in watching a very attractive fellow passenger that I followed him off at the wrong port and had to shout for the boat to let me back on to take me home.
3. I then went to cool myself down with a swim in the sea and as the Atlantic waves are quite fierce on those shores I got knocked over and lost my glasses in the swell. 

Actually there were four memorable things

4. For the first time I ate Papas Arrugadas – the wonderful wrinkly potatoes with green and red spicy sauce. I have never tasted them again until yesterday in Poble Sec

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3 thoughts on “Memories of Gozo

  1. It sounds like a right fine time you had, Your No. 1 and 2 memories are rather like mine. I went camping near Newquay with colleagues and had to sleep in the car as my breathing affected others in the tent. No. 2 is like some of my adventures island hopping in Greece.

    Glad you’re getting out and about. The Barcelona building is like some in the Jewish quarter in Seville.

  2. One more reason to try and get to Seville one day!

    Yes I would have chased after him and tried my luck but he was speeding away as if there was someone to get home to. Now I think of it I did see him later on that evening but by then I had my glasses problem!

    The other lovely thing about Gozo was papaya juice fresh every morning.

    On the fllight home a boy went unconscious on the plane and I was very impressed with how the hostesses coped. They lay him on the floor with his legs up. Quite a squash as it was a tiny airoplane. Kx

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