Off to Barcelona!

This is just to say that I am going to dance some tango today!

The first time in many months.

Originally I planned to go to a milonga alone and just see if I could get a dance – I don’t find it easy in Barcelona, it was better when I first came and I was full of determination.  But then I went through a barren period and haven’t really recovered my confidence. 

I saw that Gisela, my teacher in the past, is running workshops today, Hoy Pruebo El Otro Lado, in dancing on the other side – leaders following and followers leading.   It seemed a good way to re-enter the world without putting myself through some kind of lonely milonga torture.  And I can already lead so I don’t have to worry too much. I am still nervous though.

So off I go!  I even arranged to meet a friend and so won’t have to go in alone. Looking after myself!

I will report back how it goes. I’m so looking forward to walking through the Cuidad Vella down to Carrer Avinyo.   I love that area.   I am heading for a cafe called Venus.

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