The White Dove of Peace

When I was in Cornwall this summer I was about to throw away some plaster moulds that I hadn’t used for years and that were slowly disintegrating in the garden.

Then I asked in the builders merchants if I could buy white cement and to my surprise they said yes. There were a few years when it wasn’t available and at that time I gave up making things in concrete because although I had some lovely limestone sands I could only buy normal grey cement which results in a grey sculpture.

I had several bags of sand in the garage which also had been sitting there for years and they were constantly in danger of me throwing them away in a fit of decluttering.

But instead I did something creative and here is the result

When I opened the mould, to my relief it came away as easily as an egg shell and my new white dove flew free 

Now she is here in Granollers, popping up all over the place and making new friends

I am still sanding away at her to get the really fine smooth finish that feels like marble….. but it takes time and can be done little by little.

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4 thoughts on “The White Dove of Peace

  1. Beautiful, beautiful dove Kate! I have been wrestling with whether to keep or declutter things myself. Your dove is making me think that keep, but use might be a good motto. It was nice to hear back from you the other day. I have been spending time deciding whether to go on with my blog or start a new one that is more focused on art and food (my two favorite things!) I think the new blog is winning out but I’m still thinking.

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