Here we go again! Oops revisited

Did my last post arrive with a funny  bit stuck (STUCK) on at the end?

More apologies and an explanation.

The blogging course is very intense and quite a challenge because of learning so many new technological things. Because I am doing it live, at the same time as actually publishing things here, there are going to be lots of bumps and wrinkles and I hope you can bear with me.   I’m playing with it and experimenting and it’s’ like walking naked onto a stage’ as someone else on my course  commented.

In fact I need your help and would be so grateful if you can let me know when there is a problem – am image that doesn’t open, a strange inexplicable gap, a totally unrelated and perhaps inappropriate story that pops up in the middle of something else like an attack of hiccups at a funeral.

Fingers crossed, in a few weeks everything will settle down and I hope that my writing here will get better and better.

If you can’t resist being part of this process and watching me fall over and get up again, then  put your email in the subscription box at the top or bottom of this post and you will  see the process unfold!

lots of love and thank you for your patience, Kate

playing with hoola hoop
Playing and practising


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