Hotel Balneari Broquetas – the modernist spa

Balneari Broquetas
Spring flowers are the best

Spring is coming in fast. The trees in Granollers are in the first stages of their annual blossom-fest – first the almond and then the cherry. White then pink.

The nights are now pleasant. Only a week ago it was still cold up in the bedroom and we needed the electric fire to dry off the humidity. Now I have relegated the hot water bottle to the back of the cupboard.

Dull dry skin – sluggish jaded body

When Spring is in the air it can often make you feel sluggish. You realise your body has been deprived of sunshine and warmth and it feels like you need a cleanse of some kind. Many people change their diet at this time of year or start fasting or take up a new form of exercise.

My skin has been feeling very dry and dull and when my body needs a boost  of course my thoughts turn to the balnearis of Catalunya!

Caldes de Montbui has a source of hot mineral water

I went with a friend a few weeks ago to one of the balnearis in Caldes de Montbui and took lots of photos as it is such an incredibly beautiful and unique place.  More news will follow soon on the other spas in this town – one of which is my current favourite!

balneari broquetas
so much creativity went into making these tiles

Balneari Broquetas

it stands in the town centre near the Lion fountain

The most wonderful aspect of this balneari is that the building is modernist and the baths are full of beautiful details and designs.

Balneari BroquetasWe chose three things to do as part of the basic spa package which lasts for one and a half hours. There is a wide choice but we picked the pool, the hammam and the horizontal jet spray baths.

There was no-one else there at all while we had our session – third time I’ve been lucky like this!    Here is the entrance to spa, you go down these stairs and enter a hot water paradise!

IMG_5107The pool is booked for your personal use so only members of your group will be there. It has all the usual jets and sprays and feels both intimate and big enough to swim around in.

balneari broquetas
our private pool

The hammam is too steamy to take photos but was enjoyable apart from the session being a little too short for us seasoned steam bathers.

Balneari Broquetas
I wonder who the artist was?

Imagine wandering around this lovely place, feeling warmed and cossetted by the beautiful design as well as the healing waters!

Balneari Broquetas
Love this ceiling

Even the changing rooms are lovely. This is the door to the Dones.

IMG_5101The horizontal jet bath was the most exciting thing. You lie down side by side, with your heads on cushions and hold on tight when the water starts because it comes both hot and cold and with such force that my friends bathing costume ballooned out to make her look 9 months pregnant. We were laughing and squealing and trying to stay steady in the very exhilarating water pressure.  When we came out we both felt totally revitalised.

Balneari Broquetas
two people can lie here side by side

There is an outdoor pool in the gardens which we were able to use and as the water in Caldes is very hot it felt comfortable even on this chilly day.

Balneari Broquetas
cold air, hot water

Perfect place for someone who wants to bathe in private

This was my second visit to Broquetas and I like it very much although I prefer to have more freedom to move around and not have to keep to a fixed schedule. However as my friend pointed out it is a wonderful place for a beginner or a shy bather as you are always in a private space, the staff are friendly and they leave you to enjoy it in a very relaxed way.  My first visit was with my sister and nephew a few years ago. My nephew, then 14, didn’t want to come really but afterwards he said it was the best part of his holiday.

The place itself is a work of art and as always, the waters of Caldes are healing and magical.P1090946We paid 30 euros each for our sessions which included gowns and towels.

IMG_5100 As you leave to return to the real world you can stop and admire the entrance which you didn’t notice when you arrived rushed and nervous from the journey. Now, relaxed, cleansed and ready for Spring,  you have time to look up and admire the flowers.

P1090942Here is the link if you would like to visit this balneari yourself.

IMG_5117Have you ever been to a hot mineral spa?  Let us know which places are your favourites in the comments section below. If you have any questions do get in touch and I will be happy to try and help.

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Till next time!   Happy Spring!

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13 thoughts on “Hotel Balneari Broquetas – the modernist spa

  1. That was amazing. I could just do with that right now. The Moroccan skin scrubbing things are great for dry skin too. I’d love to live in the middle of all those spas.

  2. I would love to do that about now – our spring has only teased us for a few days then it has become cold again. I went to Saratoga springs in New York state but wasn’t that thrilled – the room was stark and not welcoming at all and I felt very selfconscious. I went to another in Nevada that was outdoors hot springs (can’t remember the name) but it was beautiful, natural rock and you looked out over the Sierra Nevada mountains. Now you’ve got me wanting some spring rejuvenation!

    1. That one in Nevada sounds wonderful. I still haven’t been to one outside in a natural place but am working my way towards it. Isn’t it just exactly what you feel like doing this time of year? I feel like a snake that needs to squirm and wriggle out of my old skin. Kx

  3. Hi Kate, my winter skin is feeling dry and gray too. As I don’t have a mineral bath anywhere near here I’ve been thinking about making a sugar scrub. This, once again looks like a wonderful, relaxing escape. Some of the tiles and woodwork of this balneari remind me of the work of Glasgow artist Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

    1. Oh yes me too, see my reply above to Kim! A sugar scrub is great – there are lots of recipes on the internet and I tried a few last year which helped. but don’t forget to make the bathroom into a scented, candle lit cave with music and lots of time to relax and let go.
      Yes they remind me of Rennie Mackintosh too – I wondered who the artist was because so much of ‘his’ stuff was done by women friends. K x

  4. I have not been to a mineral Spa (only The Sanctuary in London) and it does sound divine 😉 Thank you for inspiring me to think about indulging in one (if I can get past the body self-conscious thingy) 😉

    1. Ah Lisa you have a wonderful experience ahead of you! The mineral waters make the spa so different and so special. I also went to the Sanctuary several times and it was a wonderful place. I also used to go every week to the Porchester Row Turkish Bathes in London and love that place. But when you know the water is coming straight out of the ground from a natural source, heated by the earth, and full of minerals, it is extra good. I am a very body self consciousy person but I have learned to relax about it and can even go to nudist beaches now. in the spas of Catalunya you wear a bathing costume and in the one I write about in this post, all of the things are done in the privacy of your group so you don’t meet strangers when feeling undressed.

      Thank you for writing in and making me feel good with your comment!

    1. Thank you Mo! I find it hard to hide my enthusiasm for the balneaeris – I am getting a bit obsessed! Still many more to discover as well. Kate x

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