Catching Up with you….and with myself

This is crazy – I want to write but it all feels too complicated to explain.

So here is my promise – I will write something in here every day for the rest of August and even if it’s short…..or boring…..or totally irrelevant……it will get me going again!

And to get me started here is a photo diary of the last few weeks.

Wild flowers in the little garden behind the cabin
My furniture arrives from Spain! I felt a bit silly for having sent it south three years ago but I suppose you can’t always know what the future holds and I did get (some) use from it.
After spending three weeks in Cornwall I went back to Catalunya once more! This time feeling relaxed enough to spend time enjoying the sunshine
And even more importantly to spend time with my favourite little friend. Stylish as always, here she is wearing a Japanese suit with top and shorts.
Summer isn’t complete without regular drinks of Horxata
I met my friend Cristina for supper in one of the beach cafes near Barcelona and ended up having a naked moonlit swim
Back to Cornwall and there was another party – this one meeting lots of people I only know from an internet photo group. I’m not very good at meeting lots of new people all at once – I struggled a bit I have to admit. But the organiser did a very thoughtful thing and gave each of us little bundles of cards made from our own photos. I think I will get some more made from my photos of Granollers
Twice a day the dairy herd crosses this road beside my home. You just have to switch off your engine and enjoy the scene. It’s not an easy life but this herd is well looked after by two Cornish twin brothers. This farm also is home to a large cat colony – the kitten overspill often arrives in neighbouring gardens and garages.
Work starts on renewing the sitting-room floor. A large granite slab is revealed
My sister and cousin came to visit and we went for posh fish and chips in St Ives where they were staying for the week
Walking the coast path with a friend and her dog, we came across the wild ponies who live there to keep the grass down
Cornish sky over Sennen beach. It’s not warm enough to swim yet for me but there is always the hope that you will see dolphins or seals
Work on The Stone continues!
I’ve fallen in love with my neighbour’s cat. She was born in a nearby shed, grew up in my garage, went missing with her sister and then finally found her forever home next door. She is one of the farm’s kittens – see above.
The Minack Theatre is right on the edge of the cliff. Even if the play isn’t enthralling, the view is always wonderful. I had friends to stay so we went to see Something Funny Happened on the Way to the Forum. I have to admit spending a lot of time watching the clouds.
July’s Blue Moon over the Merry Maidens. I love going there at night but it makes me sad that neither Blue nor Bonnie are here to accompany us. It’s time to get a new dog.
This is a view I never get tired of. Just as you drive out of Newlyn on the road to Mousehole there is a place that looks down over the harbour and across to St Michaels Mount. It’s double yellow lines but I often have to stop just for a minute.
And lastly the sky again, this time from the James Turrell room in Tremenheere sculpture park.

It’s been a busy time but also a time for contemplation. Friendship, home, illness, loss, dreams, changes, fears, love, time passing. Thank you for visiting!

“I make spaces that apprehend light for our perception, and in some ways gather it, or seem to hold it…my work is more about your seeing than it is about my seeing, although it is a product of my seeing.”
— James Turrell








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4 thoughts on “Catching Up with you….and with myself

  1. A post filled with interesting photographs and an update on your summer, Kate! From naked moonlight swims, to watching a play (or rather, the clouds) at the edge of the ocean, it’s all wonderful. Especially the part where you have said that it may be time to get another dog.

    Here’s to the future!

  2. Kate, I love, love seeing your photos of summer. So beautiful and relaxing. I would love to go to that outdoor theater…it looks so inviting. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I like that you have set yourself a daily goal Kate. Good on you. It is brave and commendable. I enjoyed your honesty and vulnerability. There is something compelling and heartwarming in that way of writing. Connecting us humans in a tender way. Thanks Kate and that view from Newlyn was one I saw every day for 12 years as I lived very close by. Look forward to more.

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