Just about to catch the train to Portsmouth.

Man and cat have travelled all the way from Granollers, through France and hopefully soon to come over the Channel from Le Havre to Portsmouth, arriving late this evening.

So I am going to meet them and help with the last leg of a long journey to their new home.  He’ll have to get used to driving on the ‘wrong’ side of the road soon but today, he can take a well deserved rest.

Looking out the window I think about the changes they will face.

One of which is The Weather!

All through July and August there have been sunny days but there have been many more windy and wet ones.

August 5th Lamorna

Interestingly when I directed my Skype camera out of the window I got the response

“How green it is!”

August 5th Lamorna

And that made me think of how you can concentrate on the gray sky or on the green grass. I don’t like to complain about the weather and I have been trying to keep a smiling face so as not to be a returning traveller who moans about the British weather. But it has started to get to me.

However, from now on I will be seeing the green all around me. It is true that when the sun shines all summer in Catalunya, everything turns a bit brown.


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2 thoughts on “Meeting!

  1. Exciting. A new life. And I had a very similar grey/green thought on the way home yesterday; I drove through a patch of rain and thought ‘damn! Kate’s right we’ve got rain’ and then saw the most beautiful rainbow just before the rain burst cleared.

    I’m going to try and see green and rainbows from today forward.


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