To Everything There Is a Season

I went away for 6 years so I shouldn’t be surprised that there are lots of things to sort out on my return. Both on the inside and the outside.

The house is the same house but it has also changed. I need to do a lot of work to make it comfortable.

We discover a large slab of granite right in the middle of my living room

IMG_7422The stone needs to be broken up. The floor to be excavated. Piles of rubble were dug out, shaking the foundations and ultimately creating more space

IMG_7721Move a piece of furniture and a damp smelly corner is revealed, mouldy from lack of air. Things hidden need to be brought out into the open.


My stuff has travelled miles and miles – going south and then back north. It still hasn’t quite found a resting place.  Much still needs to be sorted out


I need others to come and help.  It’s too much to do alone. Today the wood arrived and the process of construction began.

IMG_7725Always there is the sea and the sky.  Constant sources of peace and comfort.

IMG_7718It’s not only physical you know.   Moving means change on all levels.  Go somewhere new, come back to somewhere old and familiar, nothing is ever still and you never really can go back home.


It is always new and everyone and everything has changed – including you.




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