Up High

Remember what I said about the new cat in town getting perspective by going up high?

We happened to pass St Buryan church when the tower was open to visitors.

It’s a beautiful climb up the spiral staircase and then some amazing views from the roof.

20150808-224207-81727220.jpgI remember that when I first arrived in Granollers I liked to climb up to the Torre to look out over the town and beyond to the mountains.

Phoenix jumps up to the large storage shelf above the bathroom every time she feels scared.

Today we sat on a bench high up on the cliff looking down on Gwenver Beach

And here is the view from St Buryan church tower

Image I started the day feeling tired and heavy, wanting to stay in bed to avoid all the worries and the feeling of overwhelm about all there is to do here.

But after climbing up high, getting a different perspective, I end the day feeling much more peaceful and positive.  It’s quite interesting to see how it really does change your view of life.

(thanks to Pep Mogas for the photos today)


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