General Strike across Catalunya

  • There is a General Strike here in Catalunya. It was called over a week ago in support of the referendum process but since the Spanish police violence on October 1st, it is now bigger than ever in response to the horrific scenes that day and to the deafening silence of the EU leaders.
  • Many of the main roads are blocked in various places causing long tailbacks. Cars are also driving very slowly in support of the strike. Those who know me will understand that this is my type of protest!  Slow driving until Catalunya becomes independent!
  • People are not going to work and those that do are finding the trains and metro are on minimum service.
  • People are asked not to go shopping, not to support those businesses that are breaking the strike. ‘Not even a coffee’
  • There are deomonstrations all over Catalunya. Peaceful, musical, inclusive and very well supported. We are talking about everyday people of all ages. Not ‘protestors’ or ‘separatists’ as the general european media likes to describe them.
  • Firefighters are protesting and calling for investigations into the police brutality. They have a big demonstration in Barcelona right now.

Personally I am sitting here in the peace of Sant Nicolau, only surrounded by birdsong. I intended to drive home to Granolles today but can’t take my normal route along the AP7 as it is blocked for miles around Girona and also Cardedeu where I would exit.

Not sure if it is wise to try driving along the coast. I am not afraid of ‘protestors’ but dont want Zero to sit for hours in a traffic jam in the sun. And there are rumours that the Spanish police plan to create trouble today as they want photos of ordinary people being violent- they are angry that the whole world now sees The Spanish state as a brutal regime. So, I am undecided but would very much like to get to Granollers to be amongst people at this important time.

Pep was going to the dentist today but. this too is affected by the strike. Dentists for democracy!

So of course strikes affect people’s lives and you have to adjust. But for some tourists not to be able to get into a museum, or. people to miss their plane, or a family from the UK to find it hard to eat in a restaurant…..these things are very small in comparison to the human need to stand together in times of external attack.

Look up #3Oct for some videos of people taking to the streets with music and songs and lots of love.

Many many businesses are closing in support saying “violence against unarmed and peaceful people can never be justified”


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