This page is here to help you find your way.

There are things that you might find difficult if you move to another country.  Inner stuff like sadness and anger, outer stuff like problems getting things sorted.

I am just going to share links to places that I found helpful on my journey. They may also be useful if you are changing your life in other ways.  Starting a new relationship for example,  in many ways is like travelling to another country!

If you move home, get together with someone new, become a ‘step-mother’ (don’t do it!), lose someone important, or go through a life changing experience of any kind then perhaps you will find something useful here.

I have had to face a lot of challenges since moving to Catalunya. Obviously I left behind my home and friends and family but I also unexpectedly let go of my work (acupuncture) my passion (tango) my love of gardening, my sculpture….. I began to question my identity.

We have had to live through the deaths of my partner’s mother, my own niece and my brother, my two dogs and two cats.  There was trouble with my partner’s ex wife and their joint son has been stumbling his way through an extremely rocky adolescence.  Sometimes I felt that I had moved away from one mess and found a new one.

I am not complaining. Life has a way of giving back more than it takes away and in every moment I have spent here I have been full of gratitude for the gift of this adventure. I do moan and rant and wail sometimes and there have been some very down times but through it all I have known what it is to wake up from a long sleep and feel truly alive.

So here goes, in no particular order, the signposts that have guided my path.

1. This blog is written by someone with an incredible brain and a very sensitive heart. He is funny and observant and once you click onto his page I challenge you not to sign up to get all his posts.  Here is one about how we self sabotage and hide ourselves away.

2. If you are trying to learn a new language you must go and visit this blog. I have learnt so much from his writing. Really inspiring.

3. On a grey and sad day in Granollers I went to seek comfort in the public library and found it in a book by Byron Katie. Even saying her name cheers me up! Great for helping you look inside rather than blame the world and its mother for your problems.

… be continued

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