Salernes just west of Cannes

Just in case yesterdays photo failed to show how beautiful the bathing pool is here at the campsite I thought I’d show you another one this morning.

I am working on the computer which is balanced on a rubbish bin outside the toiletblock by our tent. My mobile phone is also plugged in recharging and lying on the edge of the drain!

First two days on the road to Italy

I’m on the road and the b****** mobile won’t let me send blog posts so here is a quick one sent from the most wonderful campsite in the world!
Or that is how it seemed today when I was swimming in the river.

Here are a few photos from the trip. Hope to connect again soon from the next wifi zone!
Day One

It all starts with my first cup of hot chocolate in France! It’s runny! The ones in Catalunya are thick

We stayed in a campsite by the Midi Canal – they were friendly people and let us set up camp on a patch of ground by an unused cabin as the site was actually full.  It is August in the south of France so each night is a test of faith in the angels who watch over us.  And I give thanks for the blessing of Pep who does the asking!
The walk along the banks of the canal was lovely with a mixture of barges – some deluxe with a swimming pool on top and others just simply beautiful

Day Two

We are by the river near the Gorges du Verdon at the campsite in Salernes.
Duna watched from the river bank but had a quick dip later!

And a campsite delicious dinner