How do I capture the happiness that I feel here?

So many little things that make me smile every day. And how would I photograph that feeling?

Today the sun shone. I took the bike to my first English class and it was still there when I came out after an hour talking about land, inheritance, marihuana and visions – a nice way to earn money. Cycling is such a pleasure in Granollers – there are little back streets to whizz down, you can go on the pavement without anyone seeming to mind, it is flat and within 15 minutes you are out in the countryside.I came home to the back door which is the entrance to Llançadora – the artists association organised by my partner – offering classes in circus, theatre, dance, acrobatics, and more. The space was originally a textile factory owned and run by his family. We are sleeping in sheets at the moment which were made there! Another time I will show you inside.
Later I went to buy vegetables and for the first time in ages it was warm enough to go out without a jacket. Bliss.
I had my hair cut and coloured yesterday for the first time in Catalunya. It went well although I was nervous beforehand about not being able to explain what I wanted in Spanish.

But today I felt much better groomed and less of a scarecrow! People here don’t go out on the street in their slippers like I have been known to do.Small things – sunshine, no coat, new hairdo, shopping with a proper basket, a bike ride to work and crisp clean home made sheets! And coming home – this time to the front door – the blue one! Happiness…