A lovely day

Lovely day.
Spent the morning at Granollers market. Took the dogs to Premia de Mar beach and then had lunch on the terrace in the sunshine.  Drove home over the hills behind Mataro and took a little detour to see the abandoned and derelict masia which I fantasize about doing up. Then a relaxed evening chatting with my friend on the sofa while watching BBC television drama with Juliet Stevenson.

I’ve done lots of research about balnearis in Catalunya and still haven’t decided which one to go to tomorrow. I found this site with a long list of possible ones and now am dreaming of taking a mineral bath every week while researching my book on The Mineral Spas of Catalunya.

Will let you know where we finally go!

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3 thoughts on “A lovely day

  1. Ooo, a spa/mineral springs? I can remember going to two in my short (!) life – one in the Sierra Nevada mountains (USA), the name of the town escapes me but they were OUTSIDE and although it was a little brisk in the air, it was lovely and very sulphuric! The second was in Saratoga Springs but it was INSIDE (ick, in a way) – small partitioned rooms with large/long baths on feet and an equally large/long woman who was probably named Helga with braided rings on the sides of her head and large, masculine hands who would help you in and out of the tub. Now me, being rather modest, was very uncomfortable with THAT whole process and so found it difficult to enjoy the actual bath, whilst Helga hovered. Love to hear more from you, though! Riley and I are off to see my mother and my sister over the next few days so my presence here will likely been even more scant than it has been lately. And STILL no parcel in my mailbox *sigh*

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