Another Catalan Christmas – heigh ho!

Well I felt so much better after writing that last post that today I was singing in the rain as I walked into town for breakfast with Tiffany. (Just had to say that, not breakfast at Tiffany’s but it’s close)

Granollers is lovely in the rain. Everyone has umbrellas except the Moroccan woman I saw in the Porxada who must have forgotten hers so had improvised with a plastic bag on her head over her veil. (This isn’t her by the way, I wasn’t quick enough to grab a photo!)


Look back over Christmas past posts if you want to see how I have celebrated here in the last five years. But to save you the trouble I will tell you that each and every year I have struggled to feel Chistmassey.

There are celebrations and there are lots of lovely Catalan Christmas traditions – the Christmas markets especially Santa Lucia in Barcelona, turrons, cava, beating the Tió, more turrons, Catalan Christmas carols like     El Noi de La Mare.

But I miss feeling part of the Christmas feeling in Cornwall.  Everyone getting excited about buying their Christmas tree, the Mousehole lights, carols in pubs, mince pies, mulled wine, log fires, Boxing Day…..oh how I long for Boxing Day!   Here we have Sant Esteve and it is not especially relaxing.

Since coming here I have not decorated the house. Not even once!  I had the feeling it wasn’t really important to people here and anyway,  what’s the point if you are going to go out for dinner on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?

But today a good friend said “Just do it!”  “Do it for you if no-one else wants it”

So I did.

And it was amazing how quickly I felt excited and happy. I got a glass of Vermut and put on some Christmas music.  Brought out the box of goodies and raided the wonderful ribbon shelves out the back of the house.

I bought some things in the new shop Tiger


The room’s not finished yet but here we go


I am looking forward to a lovely Christmas now. We are having our usual anglo-saxon Christmas party on December 23rd with Tiffany and her family. I brought over crackers and mince pies and Xmas pudding from Cornwall and as we are all vegetarian we are going to have mushroom and cashew nut roast with loads of roast vegetables and oven baked brussel sprouts.

Then we have the Tió party on December 24th with presents and cava and turrons.

And on Christmas Day the three of us are off skiing!  Me, Mr Catalan man and the Resident Adolescent!


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5 thoughts on “Another Catalan Christmas – heigh ho!

  1. It sounds like a wonderful Christmas. I wish I was going to the mountains skiing on Christmas Day, rather than swimming in the North Sea!

  2. Hi Kate,
    I’ve read your last several posts and have been busy or distracted and haven’t had a chance to leave a comment. It seems you are coming to a very nice place…you’ve been embracing a new environment for some time now (and it takes a long time to feel part of it) and it’s time to remember from whence you came. Good work! We have lived in our current city (although in the same country but 1000 miles from where we used to be) and I’m just now beginning to feel like I might fit in a bit more. Still work to do…wish I could fall into a river! I’m so glad you have put up a tree and are enjoying the traditions you grew up with. Cheers to you! Susan

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